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Gmail for Android adds a faster way to attach Google Drive files

Attaching Drive files on Gmail is easy enough even on Android phones and tablets, but we doubt anybody would complain if Google wants to make it even easier. The new Gmail refresh for Android comes with an “Insert from Drive” option on the right-hand…

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Orphan Black Got Stiffed At The Emmys, But You Should Still Watch It

Orphan Black Got Stiffed At The Emmys, But You Should Still Watch It

The 2014 Emmy Award nominations came out today, and fans of BBC America’s Orphan Black were understandably upset when lead actress Tatiana Maslany didn’t get nominated. Maslany, after all, plays seven distinct characters on the thrilling, original, weird clone drama.

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The World’s Offensive Place Names, Mapped

The World's Offensive Place Names, Mapped

We’ve all sat in the passenger seat, notionally giving directions to a driver, but instead giggling at the slightly rudely named towns on the map. Fortunately, now you can find all those amusingly offensive place names, across the entire world, on one wonderfully juvenile interactive map. Maybe, perhaps, possibly a little NSFW.

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This Backpack Has an Emergency Raincoat That Deploys Like a Parachute

This Backpack Has an Emergency Raincoat That Deploys Like a Parachute

Designed for motorcycle riders and cyclists who quickly need to protect themselves from a sudden downpour, the Funnell backpack actually looks useful to anyone who commutes without a car. With a quick tug on a couple of straps, a full-on raincoat deploys from the top of the backpack, keeping both the wearer and the pack itself protected and dry.

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100 famous bass lines played in one badass mega-medley

100 famous bass lines played in one badass mega-medley

This guy put together a medley with what he thinks are the 100 bass lines that every bass player should know. I think that a few should be forever banned and some great ones are missing, but most of them are a spot-on selection. In any case, kudos for his nonstop 13-minute performance.

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Apple launches Swift blog to keep developers up to date on the new language

Apple has launched a new blog focused on their new Swift programming language. At the moment, there are two posts to the blog. The first is a welcome post. The second deals with Swift’s compatibility with current apps, source code, and more. From Swift blog:

This new blog will bring you a behind-the-scenes look into the design of the Swift language by the engineers who created it, in addition to the latest news and hints to turn you into a productive Swift programmer.

Swift was originally unveiled at WWDC 2014, and is billed as Objective-C without the C. Apple hopes that Swift is a more accessible language than Objective-C, and one that both new and veteran developers can learn fairly easily.

What do you think of Apple’s new Swift blog? Let us know below in the comments.

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Chromebooks can get cheaper thanks to new support for a low-end chip

You can pick up a Chromebook for a dirt-cheap $200, if you know where to shop. However, there are now signs that these Google-powered portables could get even cheaper. MediaTek has contributed code to Chromium OS (the base for Chrome OS) for a test…

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